martes, 28 de mayo de 2024

Air France to charge for second bag check-in

AIR France will begin charging economy class passengers for checking a second bag on flights between Europe and the United States, the carrier said, in line with US and British airline policies.

”If passengers would like to check a second bag … they may do so for a fee of $US50 ($53.79) for all flights departing from the US or E50 ($80.87) for all flights departing from Europe,” Air France said.

Air France said its decision to impose the charge follows similar moves by Delta, American Airlines, British Airways and Virgin and that only 14 per cent of passengers in economy class check a second bag.

American Airlines, Continental Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines charge $US50 to check a second bag on some flights, including between the US and Europe, while US Airways charges $US55.

The charge would also apply on flights between the United States and Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia from November 1.

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